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In the field of Astrology from past 18 years we are providing paid services for :- Prashna Kundli. 
Giving answers to your Questions by making horoscope of Present time of asking question for those who dont have Knowledge about their their proper birth details. Janma Kundli   And for those who have their proper birth details One can go for asking. 1] Ask a Question. 2] Full life predictions in brief. 3] Match Making for Marriage. 4] Monthly or yearly predictions by Gochara and Dasa system. [Online Payment Gate way is still to be introduced here]       


In the Field of Vaastu from last 18 years we are providing paid Services for :- Vaastu by Conversation :- ] Verbal Vaastu for Residencial Plots and Buildings = Both by visiting your site as well as on drawings recieved through you on your email.  Vaastu through Drawings :- 2] 2D Autocad Drawings for All kind of Commercial  Plots and Buildings  = Both by Visiting your site as well as on Drawings recieved through you by your email. [Online Payment Gateway is still to be introduced here.]


 For Remedies we provide :-

1] Mantra Remedies

2] Yantra Remedies

3] Gemstone Remedies

4] Herbs Remedies

5] Councelling 

Know Your Luck  

Lucky Tips on Astrology and Vaastu for your :-  
Luck As per your Astrology : 1] Lucky Number. 2]  Lucky Day. 3] Lucky Colour. 4] Lucky Shapes. 5] Lucky Persons. 6] Lucky Stone. 7] Lucky Member and 8] Lucky Time of the Day  Luck As per your Vaastu
1] Lucky Directions to buy property. 2] Lucky Floor to live in. 3] Lucky Space to keep Wealth for savings, 4]Lucky space to keep Stock or wealth for circulating 5]Lucky space to Gain Love and 6] Lucky Space to Gain Spirituality 

Welcome to Asha Astro Vaastu

M/s, Asha Astro Vaastu Consultancy Services is a firm giving consultancy in the field of Vaastu and Astrology. This firm is owned and maintained by Ms. Asha also into research of more of these both Divine Sciences to help the humanity to live in accord with the Nature’s Destined by knowing and whole heartedly accepting the results of One’s own Karmic actions. By this awareness every individual will be able to change one’s life by performing proper action and spend rest of their life in complete Contentment hence, with Peace and Prosperity. In case One desires to change the results already destined, they will be guided the to path of pure actions and Remedies to do so. Asha Astro-Vaastu is basically a Delhi based firm working successfully since past 18 years. This organization is been giving genuine guidance regarding Vedic Astrology and Vedic Vaastu for its seekers and also is supporting to find easy and economic remedies for their solutions. 

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As this is One of the Best !.... Because this is the Only Vaastu Consultants in India - Delhi giving the most Accurate 2D-Autocad Vaastu Drawings along with Astrology Consultation.

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